Terms of Service

At JustKiss we have a set of rules that all users must commit to adhere to. This is how we ensure that everyone plays on equal terms and that you can concentrate peacefully on finding the love of your life in a nice and safe environment.

JustKiss is an online dating service, developed and operated by the company:

Babel ApS
Ll. Sct. Hans Gade 11A, st. tv.
8800 Viborg

Company number: 304-985-26

Any person creating a profile on JustKiss hereby certifies that he or she is aware of these conditions and agrees to them and will be hereinafter be referred to as "user" or "profile".

By creating a user profile on JustKiss you declare to be 18 years old or above, and that any information you provide on our platforms, is truthful and in accordance with Danish and local legislations. Creating profiles on behalf of other persons is not permitted.

JustKiss reserves the right, without reservation or prior notice, to delete/change profiles that exploit JustKiss commercially or contain some form of advertising, are offensive, untruthful, discriminatory, or libelous, and do not comply with the terms of use or in any other way are deemed to be non-conforming with the purpose of our platform, concept, and general moral etiquette. If there is doubt about the authenticity of a profile, the burden of proof lies with the profile owner. JustKiss reserves the right to delete the profile if no authenticity can be provided upon request. This applies regardless of whether the user has paid for a service which has not yet been provided. Any prepaid undelivered services shall not be refunded in such cases. In the event that UK or local law is violated, the offense must be reported to the police, including IP-numbers used by the login/creation, as well as any other relevant information about the user and the content posted in relation to the infringement.

JustKiss's purpose is to create personal contact between two individuals for a love relationship, and it is not allowed to use the page for other purposes, including recruitment, marketing, group profiles, etc.

Transmission of any commercial content, including content for the recruitment, casting or sale of third-party products, is considered a violation, and an administrative fee of €2.000+VAT will be imposed. The fee does not justify transmission.

The platform must not be used for purposes other than those intended by JustKiss. Taking advantage of any found technical errors or gaps is not permitted.

JustKiss doesn't guarantee the stability of the service, future existence or form.

When creating a profile, you must accept that we have to send different messages by e-mail and text. This also provides a level of security in case you forget your password, as it can be sent automatically to your email. The messages sent may contain advertisements.

When creating a profile, you must accept that the profile will be visible on both our own platforms (web, e-mail, apps, etc.), as well as external communication channels (facebook, snapchat, banner ads etc.), to give you maximum exposure and increase your chances of finding love.

When you receive messages from other users of the platform, these will either be written by the sender, or sent as part of an automated option activated by the sender. These options include:

Quick Message
Allows the sender to quickly send a predefined message proposal directly from the bottom of the profile.

Automatically sends a selected message proposal to up to 10 matching profiles. This feature is available only to full members, and can be activated only once by each member.

Blind Date
Allows a message to be sent quickly to a profile without any photos, to encourage the person to add a photo to their presentation.

Warm Welcome
Option to automatically send a welcome message to new matching members to start a conversation.

Automatic Rejection
Feature to quickly send a predefined polite rejection to a person who has started a conversation. The function can also be set to automatically send a polite rejection of the letters you have not answered within 7 days.

It is not allowed to send/forward messages or publish on JustKiss, other contents containing commercial, harassing, discriminatory or libelous details, chain letters or sensitive information about other persons. Systematic sending of identical letters to a large number of profiles is prohibited and will be regarded as spam.

By creating a profile on JustKiss you are simultaneously authorizing JustKiss to show your public profile to other users of our platform through appropriate channels, including e-mails and the platform's websites. Your profile presentation may contain personal information provided that you have added it yourself. If you want to revoke this consent, you will need to delete your profile. After deleting your profile, we reserve the right to contact you for an evaluation of your experience, participation in case studies and similar non-promotional purposes.

You shall not be permitted to invite, wind up or advertise events that have any economic benefit for the organizer without prior agreement with JustKiss.

By uploading any kind of content, whether completely or partially published or transmitted via JustKiss, the user declares to be indefinitely in possession of the full copyright for the given material. Thus, without the prior authorization of the right holder, it is not permitted to post texts or images retrieved from external websites.

When uploading profile images, the user agrees with JustKiss's right to modify (crop, rotate etc.) the material and reject or delete material we believe is unfit for the platform.

Conditions for primary photos:

  • The image must be of yourself.

  • The picture must be recent.

  • The face must be visible.

  • The image must not contain logos, links or references to other websites.

  • You must clearly be the primary focus of the picture.

  • The image must not contain weapons, drugs or other objects or acts contrary to Danish or local law.

  • The image must not contain any collages or graphics.

  • The image must not contain extra space or frames.

  • The image must be properly directed and composed in such a way that the eyes are at the top and the mouth at the bottom.

  • You need to be dressed, but your arms and legs do not need to be covered.

  • The image must not be excessively erotic or pornographic.

  • The image must be well-lit so that your face is totally visible.

Conditions for profile presentation texts:

  • The text must not be misleading or untrue, for the purpose of presenting you in a more favorable light.

  • The text must not contain the contact details (e-mail addresses, phone numbers, your full name or references to other social networks or communication tools).

  • The text must not contain derogatory remarks about other people or groups; you should express your preferences to soberly describe your person and outlook in life.

  • The text must be comprehensible and meaningful for the context.

Conditions for sending messages:

  • Messages must not express negative or condescending opinions about the recipient.

  • Offering money for any kind of services, including sex, is not allowed.

  • Offering photography services is not allowed.

  • Sending pornographic photos or hyperlinks is not permitted.

  • Sending the same message to a large group of people at short intervals is not allowed.

  • It is not allowed to send untruthful letters unless it appears to be an obvious attempt to have fun as part of a flirtation.

  • Information received from other users is not allowed to be passed on to a third party which has the possibility to identify the related subject.

Conditions for profile names:

  • You are not allowed to have your full name as a profile name.

  • The profile name must not contain contact details, e-mails or website URLs.

Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the Kingdom of Denmark.