Terms of Purchase

General information
Babel ApS
Ll. Sct. Hans Gade 11A, st. tv.
8800 Viborg

Company number: 304-985-26
Email: support@justkiss.com

Phone calls on demand — contact our customer service by email to receive a call.

Card number, expiry date and security code

Upon payment you enter your card number, expiry date and security code. These are stored in a secure manner by our payment provider. For security reasons, they cannot be shown again, either on the page or in e-mails. It also ensures that information cannot be misused for the purchase of other products. Nor will we ever ask you to send us this information by e-mail, on paper or by phone.

Acceptance of automatic renewal

By purchasing a subscription you authorize JustKiss to withdraw the agreed amount periodically corresponding to the price of the selected product. Subscriptions are renewed periodically, in advance. This applies to both memberships and any add-on purchases, including Weekend Boost.


Renewal receipts shall be made available at JustKiss upon request to our customer service.

Card holder liability

Please be aware that your purchase is binding from the moment you complete the transaction, and that you are therefore obliged to pay the full amount for the selected length of membership in accordance with any minimum periods.

Right of cancellation

The purchase cannot be cancelled once your membership has been delivered and put into service. Your membership will be delivered immediately to your profile when you make a purchase and it will ready for use.

Renewal Procedure

Your membership will be renewed within 24 hours before the end of your membership period. This is to ensure that you always have access to membership functions. The remaining period shall be added to the renewal period.

Cancellation of membership and minimum period

Membership may be cancelled at any time at the end of the renewal period, unless the payment screen section states otherwise. In the event that a minimum period, binding period or similar period is specified, membership cannot be cancelled until the stated minimum period expires. Cancellation of a membership after a minimum membership period of 5 months, warrants a partial refund of the remaining length of membership, due to the fact that the membership can be terminated within the current month plus one month's notice. Cancellation of membership must be made at least 48 hours before the next renewal takes place, to be in force at the expiration of the current renewal period, and may be made, at the earliest, 24 hours after purchase of membership.

Changes in membership and subscription terms

JustKiss may change membership or subscription terms, including price, renewal frequency and fees with at least 1 month's prior notice, taking into account the legislation in force. Amendments shall be notified by email to the email address used to register the profile. Changes which favor the customer, e.g. price reductions, may be implemented without notice.

Deletion of payment card information

Should it become necessary to change credit card data, it is possible to update this information on the page once you have logged in. When your membership has expired and any due amount has been resolved, you can request us to delete the authorization that allows periodic withdrawals.