10 easy tricks that will make you score with women

The truth is, if you're dating and wanna step up your game, it doesn't really take too much effort. Women are usually quite light-handed with awarding a point, and they do it for both small and big things you do. Therefore, you can easily score a lot of points without going the extra mile. Keep on reading and find out about some tricks that will take you right to the top of the leaderboard.

Maria Christiansen

You may have an idea that the bigger your gifts or actions are, the more points you'll score from the ladies. Maybe that's how things work in the men's world, but here in the women's world, the scoring system and the rules of the game are different….
Whether you buy a big or small present for her, you will score a point either way. Each gift, given straight from the heart, has the same value. It's certainly not about the size, it's all about the attention. If you make sure to remember this, the road to the top score will be quite short.
I’ve made a list of some simple ideas which might help you scoring points with ladies.
We are quite thrilled with all of them, so we hope that they’ll take you right there where you want to go.

1. Remember the little things

Just try to remember the little things she tells you - such as her appointment with the optician, or a picnic with the girls. Show her that you remember it by asking how it went. Quite easy points, right?

2. Ask her how her day has been

Follow up with in-depth questions as she talks about her day at work. It will show her that you are attentive and interested in her.

“Listen, listen, listen. She needs you to listen when she's sad or upset. She needs a shoulder to cry on - not a solution manual.”

For example, if she whines a bit about an incident with her colleague at work, try follow-up with a caring, attentive question: "How do you normally react in such a situation?" We love to feel listened to - and best of it all is, that we do 80% of the talking. It takes just a little effort of your vocal cords to start a voice stream. The same applies to when you're texting with a woman. Ask questions and concentrate on her answers.

3. Do not try to solve her problems

Again. Listen, listen, listen. She needs you to listen when she gets upset or sad. A shoulder to cry on – not a solution manual. You've probably tried before to give a woman a piece of advice to solve a problem - with the best intentions in the world - and got surprised by her lack of interest and appreciation.

Women are not problem-solving oriented such as men are. I know this is difficult, but try to resist the urge to come up with a strategic plan for combating the problem. At least at the start. Show understanding instead, stick with her, and listen. For example, you can try saying: “I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a bad day”. And there you go, you just got yourself one more point.

4. Propose a date

She loves it when you take the initiative. When you're out hand in hand with your date, you decide which restaurant or cafe you should eat at. It's not her who should be bothered about it. Check out in advance some cool places in the neighborhood and make a decision. After all, it is a manly thing to do, and she will thank you for that. At the same time, you’ll make sure that you’ve found something you like as well. Make sure you’ve got this so she won’t feel obliged to act as a guide.

“Grab your phone and take some shots of her when she does something cute or funny. She will feel quite accomplished knowing that it's her popping out in your camera roll”.

Future date suggestions can also score you some extra points. For example, if you ask her to join you for a Friday night rock in a month, you’ll show her thoughtfulness and commitment. There goes another point!

5. Carry her bags

It's super cute when you just grab her heavy shopping bag. It boosts you right up the top of the leaderboard. As long as you don't complain about it's too heavy for you. Of course, you should not carry her purse, but if she shows up dragging more than a little bag, offer your help.

If you see her struggling, do not give her a choice. Say instead: "I can see it’s heavy, let me take it". Sometimes we tend to refuse help cos we don’t want you to think of us as damsels in distress. That's why it's cool when you just take it, without giving us time to be polite and say no thanks.

6. Offer your help with something practical

Whether it's sharpening the kitchen knives, carrying her moving boxes down to the basement, patching the bike, or fixing her shower curtain - it's just sweet. Point! As long as you do not break your back or make some other mess while doing it.

7. Buy her her favorite ice cream

While getting ready for a cozy date-night with her, score a point by buying her favorite ice cream, pizza, or whatever she likes. That will get you two points with one swing - one for noticing what she likes, and another for thinking about her while you were down at the supermarket. Aww!

8. Kiss her in public

If you and your date spend most of the time at home, maybe it is time to take her out?

"Avoid the clichés such as your eyes are as deep as a forest lake and get more concrete instead.”

When you’re out there in public, and you decide to show her that you’re attracted to her by kissing her or holding her hand, you’ll get one more point for sure.

9. Tag her in a photo

Grab your phone and take some shots of her when she does something cute or funny. She will feel quite accomplished knowing that it's her popping out in your camera roll.

Important thing is that she also thinks it’s funny. If she falls down and starts crying, for God's sake, don't start taking any photos. Always evaluate the mood first.

10. Give her compliments

Just like you, she loves getting compliments. Avoid the clichés such as your eyes are as deep as a forest lake and get more concrete instead. Say, for example, that she looks fantastic while she’s making a salad, or that she has a nice posture when she walks, or that she’s pretty good at decorating her home. A small superlative in the style of: "It's probably the nicest and coziest living room I've seen in a long time", will do you a double good - it will score you a point for sure, but it will also put a huge smile on her face.

Remember, there are endless possibilities for showing your date that you’re worthy of the top of the leaderboard. There ain’t no two women alike, that’s for sure, but these tricks are quite universal. Find out what your date might appreciate and create your own top scorer list. I promise you it's a great investment - and you can never really get too many points, do you ?!

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Är du redo för kärlek?

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Är du redo för kärlek?

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